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What is speciality coffee?

What is Speciality Coffee? “Not all coffees are born equal” ‘Specialty (or speciality) coffee’ is a term often bounded around in the coffee industry, but not always accurately – and all too often, as a ‘trendy’ label. It’s easy to think that any ‘nice’ coffee,...

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How do I maintain my coffee machine?

Why is coffee machine maintenance important? Your coffee machine, whether purchased or leased, is integral to the success of your business. But the quality of the machine itself won’t deliver an award winning customer experience that has queues forming around the...

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What coffee for my business is best?

What coffee is best for my business? Are you an aspiring coffee shop owner? A wannabe boutique hotelier? Perhaps you’ve got a dream to open your own garden centre? You’ve no doubt created mood boards a-plenty, saved countless Pinterest images, researched your ideal...

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What makes a perfect barista?

What makes a perfect barista? “Barista” – the dictionary definition will suggest that this is “a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks…” You can’t really argue with that, can you? You can, however, consider what else is involved and what sets...

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What it Takes to Be a Barista

Unlock Your Barista Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Excelling in the Art of Coffee Are you passionate about coffee and dreaming of a career where you can showcase your talents behind the counter? Aspiring baristas, this guide is for you! Being a barista is more...

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Christmas deliveries and opening hours

As always, we are doing everything we can to ensure your orders get to you. However, as you may already know, courier companies get very busy at this time of year and so there is always the risk of potential delays. So, please remember to order plenty of stock and...


10 considerations for setting up a coffee shop

Setting up a coffee shop? Are you thinking of setting up a coffee shop but don't know where to start? We at Iron & Fire work with many start-up coffee businesses and are always happy to offer advice and support. We find we get asked the same sort of questions...

An image of a batch of drinks in a coffee shop.
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How do I batch my drinks correctly?

A few things that we see happening in coffee shops is things that ultimately lead them to slow service times, or making drinks in an order that leads to drinks starting to go cold before the guest even receives them, so in this blog post we want to help you think...