Speciality Teas

Speciality teas

With 41 great taste awards and a superb range of flavours, the 100% natural teas from TeaPigs teas are our choice of tea. We stock the full range of ethically sourced teas with individual large packs containing 50 biodegradable temples, or, cases of 6 big packs.

We also stock a very high grade organic matcha green tea. The ceremonial grade is vibrant and has a deeper shade of green as its made of the youngest tea leaves that have higher concentrations of chlorophyll. These are of the highest quality and organically certified.

If your customers enjoy healthy product, you might want to look at our syrups section at our turmeric elixir for a real health kick!

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Why Buy Wholesale Speciality Teas?

Iron & Fire provides wholesale speciality teas to businesses, offering outstanding customer service. Our team of experts are passionate about tea and have worked with an extensive range of companies to find the perfect products to suit their needs. With competitive prices and a wide variety of flavours and styles available, Iron & Fire is the ideal choice for all your wholesale tea requirements. 

Whether you’re looking for organic teas, herbal infusions or even matcha green tea, our team has something perfect for everyone. Along with this, we also offer great value bulk buying options that allow you to save money when stocking up on larger orders. 

So, whether you’re running an independent cafe, restaurant or hotel, you can be sure that you’re supplying your customers with the highest quality speciality teas. Buy from Iron & Fire today and enjoy savings on every order. 

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