Organic Matcha Green Tea – Culinary Grade – 100g


This 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea has a natural taste and aroma to it. A vibrant green drink said to help with focus and concentration, as well as preventing diseases and boosting metabolism.
A very simple and easy way to improve your diet!

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This Organic Matcha green tea is a natural tasting tea that doubles as a perfect ingredient for baking, smoothy or juice making.

Delicious 100% organic Japanese Matcha green tea. Grown in Uji, close to Kyoto in Japan.

Farmers hand pick this Matcha once a year. Picking Matcha once a year leads to a higher overall quality and a more vibrant colour, whereas a lower quality taste comes with harvesting Matcha 2-3 times a year as most supermarkets do.

Matcha is said to be packed with antioxidants that detoxify the body naturally and, according to some studies, even elevates mood and aids in concentration!

This is a great alternative to green tea when it comes to helping your body, because drinking a single cup of Matcha will grant you the same health benefits as drinking 10 entire cups of green tea! In essence it's an overpowered green tea.

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There are at least 3 different types of Matcha green tea.

For hundreds of years traditional Japanese tea ceremonies have served Ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea. This is the highest quality powder, with the most vibrant colour.

The second highest quality green tea, most often used in the kitchen for cooking, is Culinary grade Matcha green tea. This matcha is also great to drink due to the quality.

Lower quality matcha can be Matcha that comes in a tea bag (as low as 2% Matcha content) . Low quality matcha is very obvious due to the colour, the highest quality being vibrant green, and low quality being murky yellow or even brown.

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Matcha is produced and grown in a very special way. Matcha grows in the shade in order to boost their nutrient content. Farmers pick our Matcha by hand. In order to make sure the most nutrient dense part of the leaves remain, farmers remove the stems.

What makes this different from green tea?  you don't throw away the leaves and just drink the small amount of nutrients left in the water. Matcha mixes in with the water and gives you a bright green liquid, you're essentially eating the leaves!

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