What makes a perfect barista?

23 April 2024

What makes a perfect barista?
“Barista” – the dictionary definition will suggest that this is “a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks…” You can’t really argue with that, can you? You can, however, consider what else is involved and what sets some baristas apart from the crowd.

  1. Being organised
  2. Being able to stay calm under pressure
  3. Being able to multitask
  4. Caring about customer service
  5. String knowledge and technical skills

It is one thing to be able to make great coffee and steam milk; a lot of people harness the power of you tube to learn how to make a beautiful looking cup of coffee. It is another to be a great people person. Baristas are both, and more! A great barista can engage with the customer while focussing on making quality drinks offering the customer a rewarding experience from beginning to end. They leave the customer feeling better than when they arrived.

A good barista will make a great cup of coffee. A fantastic barista will make a phenomenal cup of coffee! So where do we find these fantastic baristas? There’s no magic tree from which they grow; instead, a fantastic barista is likely to be one that has a love for people and a drive to optimise their craft. They will also have received the very best training. That training will equip them with the skills to champion outstanding coffee, share their passion and enthusiasm with the customers, and care for their coffee machine as if it were a vintage car. They’ll also serve a first-class coffee!

Iron and Fire offers in-person SCA qualified barista training and many of our customers have not only benefitted from this, they’ve also witnessed the positive impact it has on customer feedback. Our comprehensive barista training programme covers all aspects of barista work inclusive of equipment care and maintenance and drink serving efficiency to speed up service. This training is supported with a comprehensive video trianing library. Find out more or contact us today.

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