Luxury Dark Hot Chocolate Melt Ecuador 71% – 1kg


A luxury 71% single origin dark hot chocolate made from Nacional cocoa beans from Ecuador. Punchy and indulgent. 60p per serving. 1kg BAG



Our Ecuador Dark 71% Hot Chocolate Melt showcases the fine flavour and rich aroma of Ecuador’s native Cacao Nacional – highly prized for its floral flavour.
The high cocoa content delivers a surprisingly gentle flavour distinguished by soft and subtle aromas. There is a floral hint, and a nuance of earthiness provides the finishing touch.

Stir four heaped dessert spoons or eight teaspoons (40g) into a mug of hot milk. Enough for 25 mugs.

Hot Chocolate Melts are flakes of real chocolate, available in single-origin milk, white and dark and ruby varieties. Can be prepared with steam, on the hob, or even with microwave hot milk.

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Weight 1000 g


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