Luxury Ruby Hot Chocolate Melt – 1kg


A luxury ruby blush hot chocolate made from selected Ruby cocoa beans from Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast. 70p per serving. 1kg BAG



The Marimba Hot Chocolate Melt range is delicious and luxurious, made using real flaked chocolate from top quality cocoa beans. The result is a richer, smoother and more

indulgent experience, available in sophisticated white, comforting milk, punchy dark, delicious sugar free and ruby varieties.

This  ruby pink hot chocolate has a lush pink colour and flavour notes that are fresh, fruity and sour.

Stir four heaped dessert spoons or eight teaspoons (40g) into a mug of hot milk. Enough for 25 mugs.

Hot Chocolate Melts are flakes of real chocolate, available in single-origin milk, white and dark and ruby varieties. Can be prepared with steam, on the hob, or even with microwave hot milk.

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Weight 1000 g


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