Iron & Fire Wholesale has been supporting businesses in the coffee industry, for many years, providing wholesale coffee beans, coffee machines, and supplies to businesses across the UK.  

We understand the importance of ethical sourcing and sustainability when it comes to our speciality coffee beans. We ensure that all our beans are ethically sourced from farms around the world, which not only provide farmers with fair wages, but also promote sustainable farming practices.  

Whether you’re looking for speciality beans or barista training, we have tailored solutions that will make your coffee shop stand apart from the competition. 

If you’re interested in our Wholesale Coffee Shop Supplies in Shrewsbury, please register a wholesale trade account here.

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With a variety of custom options, we aim to enhance your business’s success and deliver first-class service. Our team knows that when it comes to coffee, loyal customers, and those extra cups, all contribute to increased profitability. That is why we have built a comprehensive list of services that can help you reach your desired goals. Here are some of the features our Wholesale Coffee Supplies Shrewsbury team offers:

Wholesale Coffee Beans

For the perfect coffee experience, search no further than our selection of coffee bean services that allow businesses to bulk buy coffee beans in Shrewsbury.

Drawing from various locations across the globe, we source the highest quality beans and roast them in top-of-the-line facilities to guarantee deliciousness and freshness upon arrival at your business. Our devotion to excellence has earned us recognition throughout the industry, while all of our coffee beans are sourced responsibly from dependable growers.

Whether you prefer smoother blends or espresso’s richness, our expansive range of  regional coffees provides something for everyone. Our consumers can bulkbuy coffee supplies in Shrewsbury at discounted prices.

Image of a commercial coffee machine.

Coffee Machines

Looking to lease coffee machines in Shrewsbury? Iron & Fire is proud to provide the highest quality coffee machines available on the market.

Our catalogue includes everything from Traditional Espresso to Filter Coffee, and we offer unparalleled flexibility with purchase, lease and hire options. Our team is here to ensure that you get the perfect machine, whatever your business’s requirements might be.

We take pride in our relationships with some of the industry’s top suppliers, all in order to bring you unbeatable service every time.

Repairs & Servicing

A coffee machine is a key part of any business, and we know this. That’s why we offer to purchase, hire and lease coffee machines in Shrewsbury.

We offer complete engineering services, including coffee machine servicing, repair, PSSR checks, barista training and more. We provide leasing options and hire plans to help you cut costs effectively.

No matter what, you can rest assured that your drinks are being produced with machines that have been praised by awards in the industry.

Image of barista training being carried out.

Barista Training

To stay up to date with the UK’s ever-evolving coffee industry, Iron & Fire’s Wholesale Coffee Beans Shrewsbury team guarantee unbeatable knowledge and resources.

We are SCA-certified, so you know that we provide professional barista training courses as well as thorough account management assistance.

Our experienced staff are always ready to assist you in creating the perfect coffee solution for your business needs in order to ensure that you get the best services from us every time.

Image of coffee shop supplies and other ancillaries.

Coffee Shop Supplies

We are dedicated to delivering top-quality supplies, including syrups, speciality teas and machine cleaning solutions, all at competitive prices.

Our customer service team is on hand to ensure that your order arrives quickly, plus fuss-free payment options make transactions easier than ever.

Our Wholesale Coffee Supplies Shrewsbury team strive to provide you with the very best experience when it comes to acquiring the supplies you need.


Looking to take your business to the next step? Just fill in our straightforward Wholesale Registration form, and you’re ready to take advantage of unbeatable coffee supply options. Whether you’re running a small cafe or a large restaurant, Iron & Fire’s team of experts can provide you with a comprehensive one-stop-shop package that ensures the success of your business. Our services are designed to help boost sales and make your coffee shop stand out from the crowd. 

If you have any questions, call our Wholesale Coffee Supplies Shrewsbury team and they will answer any questions you may have at 01743 830000 


Look no further for your wholesale coffee requirements than Iron & Fire’s team of experts. Our selection of speciality coffee beans consists of the finest offerings, delivering excellent flavour, aroma and texture. From established cafes to up-and-coming businesses, everyone can find something that suits their needs perfectly. Allow us to bring an unparalleled level of excellence and distinction to your business today. 

For more information contact our Wholesale Coffee Bean Shrewsbury team at 01743 830000 or email us at [email protected].