Fracino Retro 2 Group Lever Espresso Machine


The Traditional Retro Lever Espresso Machine is part of the Retro range from award-winning British manufacturer Fracino. This 2 group ‘hand pull’ espresso machine is a stylish coffee machine reminiscent of the swinging era of the 1950’s coffee bar. We can offer a customised version of this machine with oak handles and copper plating.

Iron & Fire has years of experience with these espresso machines and offer all the training you need to get you on your way to serving amazing coffee on a stunning coffee machine. Lever espresso machines offer excellent value for money, are easy and inexpensive to maintain, offer a silent extraction and an exceptional coffee! Definitely one to go for if you are looking for the ‘Wow factor’.

Made in Britain

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Manufactured entirely in highly polished stainless steel and constructed using the best quality components, this ‘step back in time’ machine is in tune with modern safety standards and is extremely user friendly. Lever espresso machines lends to the true craft of hand tamped, hand pulled shots. If you are passionate about looking great and producing great coffee in a traditional, Italian style then this is for you. Available as electric or gas powered (see our Dual Fuel range).


  • Unique dual spring high pressure lever group delivering 9 BAR Pressure
  • Compact design
  • Large capacity top quality copper boiler heated by a multiple looped element
  • Pressure controlled by a triple contact pressure switch (electric machine only)
  • Brass-bodied, smooth-action lever group with stainless steel shower plate
  • Highest powered LPG system in the world provides unrivalled output of coffee, hot water and steam
  • Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve
  • LPG or Butane fuelled burner equivalent to 4kw electrical power rating, fitted with electronic failure safety device
  • Boiler pressure is controlled by a gas pressure valve set at 1.0 bar with low flame adjustment which controls the gas burner. Note a 37(LPG) / 30(BUTANE) mbar gas pressure regulator must be fitted prior to installation of the machine (dual fuel gas machine only)
  • Easy clean steam tubes
  • Group Clearance 130mm

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