Syrups are a great way to customise your cup of coffee, as an addition to your hot chocolate and to create quality delicious real fruit milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails. With so many flavours to choose from, you can have a different flavour syrup for each mood.
When you’re feeling the summer vibe, why not go for one of our SHOTT fruit syrups?
Here are a few of our favourite drink syrups:

SHOTT Flamed Orange – One of our top picks for year round drinks. Delicious in hot chocolate.
SHOTT Wild Mint – A complete essential for the summer season.
SHOTT caramel– For an extra sweet touch to your hot drinks

We also supply a superior range of turmeric syrups, a great health boosting elixir and the best turmeric latte (or ‘dirty golden’)!

Check out our range of drink syrups down below:

Why Buy Wholesale Coffee Syrups?

Are you a business looking for high-quality, delicious wholesale coffee syrups? Iron & Fire provide only the best quality syrups, tried and tested.

We offer a wide range of premium syrups, from classic sweet flavours to fruity creations. These syrups are made with real ingredients, giving your drinks that authentic barista taste. Plus, buying our syrups will save you money in the long run – making them perfect for any business. 

Whether you’re a cafe or restaurant wanting to upgrade your menu or a hotel adding an extra touch of luxury to its guests’ experience, Iron & Fire has the perfect syrup for you. So why wait? Make sure your beverages stand out and buy wholesale coffee syrups today!

Register a wholesale account with us to start your journey and please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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